A Cheerful Giveway by The Daily Scrub and Bay Candle Co.

Hi friends!  We are so excited to introduce you to The Daily Scrub, a wonderful and luxurious soap company featuring handcrafted, artisan soaps by Rachel Chieppa!


If you have not had the opportunity to check out handmade, artisan soaps, then take a look at Rachel’s beautiful creations in her ETSY shop or on her Facebook page.  Be careful, because if you are like me, you will be hooked!  The Daily Scrub’s soaps are beautiful, and I find myself staring at them (and the case of the Pumpkin Spice soap~wanting to eat it!).

The Daily Scrub offers soaps for all seasons and occasions.  Much like our candles, Rachel’s handcrafted artisan soaps are a celebration of places and things her customers love.  For example, her beautiful Tropical Waters Soap is a wonderful reminder of the beauty of your favorite beach.  Look at her attention to detail in this photo ~ amazing!


Rachel uses the finest ingredients available to hand craft her beautiful artisan soaps, and they will leave your skin feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and moisturized.  The Daily Scrub has been featured in a number of publications and artisan shows around Virginia, and Rachel was selected to create a Signature Soap for the talented Jennifer Warthan of Warthan Farms Photography.  You can also find Rachel and her beautiful display of soaps at the Petersburg Farmers Market on the weekends!

We are excited today to team up with The Daily Scrub and offer our fans and customers a Holiday Cheer Giveaway!  Along our Bay Candle Co. journey, we have met some amazing and talented business owners, and Rachel is no exception.  Her soaps capture the essence and beauty of things and places her customers love, and provide the added benefit of cleansing and moisturizing.  Our Bay Candle Co. candles are designed to remind our sweet customers of people, places, and things they love and provided the added benefit of sweet fragrances and beautiful light.

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We are fortunate to be showcased in 9 amazing retail stores throughout Virginia and North Carolina and growing!  Our candles have become popular due to our use of high quality soy wax (a renewable and natural resource), our all-American made materials, and our company’s mission to give back by donating a portion of each sale to our Brightening the Lights of Success Scholarship Fund.  We’ve received many wonderful compliments about our candles, and we’ve most recently been told that by one of our sweet customers that our candles are “1,000 times more beautiful and fragrant than any Yankee candle I’ve owned!”  Wow!  (We love Yankee candles, and we are THRILLED to be able to stand up among such a great leading brand of candles!)

Now for the Giveaway!  We are excited to offer one lucky fan of The Daily Scrub and Bay Candle Co. a package of The Daily Scrub’s wonderful Holiday Cheer Soaps (2 soaps) and one of our beautiful Classic Christmas candles from our Celebration Collection!

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To enter, Visit both The Daily Scrub and Bay Candle Co. on Facebook (click on the name links) and Like both pages.  Comment on one of the giveaway posts with what you love best about the holidays!  We’ll choose a random fan on Tuesday, November 12th!

For extra entries, please share our giveaway post and let us know that you did!

If you can’t wait for our giveaway to end and would like to order any of The Daily Scrub’s amazing soaps or one of our beautiful candles, please visit our stores here ~  http://www.etsy.com/shop/DailyScrubSoap & www.BayCandleCo.com.  Give your friends and family the gift of rejuvenation and sweet fragrances and beautiful light this holiday season!

From The Daily Scrub and Bay Candle Co., thank you all for your sweet support!  We are truly thankful, and both lucky to have such amazing fans!

We wish you and yours a happy holiday season!  Take care!

~The Daily Scrub & Bay Candle Co.

And, the winner of our Cheerful Giveaway is…

Stephanie VanWagner! 

Stephanie writes, “I love the cooler weather here in Houston, and more than that, spending time with my family and friends.”  Thank you Stephanie for sharing what you love best about the holidays!  We are excited to send you two of The Daily Scrub’s Holiday Cheer soaps and one of our Classic Christmas candles!  We wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season, and we thank you so much for your support!  Please message us with your address.

Congratulations Stephanie, and may your holidays be merry and bright!

Friends, all of The Daily Scrub’s beautiful soaps are available online at http://www.dailyscrubsoap.com.  All of our candles are available in one of our 9 retail locations as well as our online store at http://www.BayCandleCo.com.  Remember to stop and enjoy the little things in life friends!  Do something sweet for yourself today.  Take care, and happy holidays!


{We Believe}

We believe in family.
We believe in the American dream.
We believe in using American made products. 
We believe in using soy to support America’s soybean farmers, to help keep the Earth green, and to keep our customers homes’ chemical-free.
We believe in providing exceptional customer service.
We believe in creating candles that celebrate people, places, and things our customers love.
We believe in handcrafting.
We believe in shopping local.
We believe in the beautiful retail stores who have selected our candle collections for their customers.
We believe in having a passion for what you do, and doing it well.
We believe in giving back to the communities we serve, and helping others achieve their dreams.
We believe in enjoying the small things.
We believe in sweet fragrances and beautiful light.
Most of all, we believe in YOU, our sweet fans, friends, family, supporters, and customers.

Thank you to everyone who has given us the opportunity to fill your home with sweet fragrances and beautiful light.  

Candle fans, we encourage you to give us a try, and join the many fans who have enjoyed the Bay Candle Co. experience.  You’ll find that our candles are different.  They are hand poured in refurbished outbuildings on a beautiful family farm by individuals who have a passion and love for the art of candle-making.  They are handcrafted with beautiful, smooth soy wax, a renewable, chemical-free resource.  Every piece of material used to create our candles is American made, including the jars, wicks, accessories, and the materials used in the factory.

We donate a portion of each candle sale to our Brightening the Lights of Success Scholarship Fund, and we will award our scholarships to two recipients each year, one traditional undergraduate student and one adult student.

We proudly support the local retail stores who have graciously selected us to showcase our candles in their stores.  We encourage our fans to shop local, and show love to our talented and amazing retail store owners.

We believe in providing exceptional customer service, and we believe that each customer, retail store owner, and supporter of Bay Candle Co. is a member of our family.

We believe in our candles and the sweet and pleasant memories they create.  We believe in handcrafting a quality candle that looks beautiful, smells wonderful, and provides moments of sweet peace and happiness for our customers.

We believe that everyone has the potential to follow their dreams, and we are here to tell YOU, our sweet fans, that we believe in YOU.  Live your dreams, follow your passions, and enjoy the small things.

Candle fans, we encourage you to give Bay Candle Co. a try and learn why we are different.  We know you have many candle choices, and we want to be your candle company of choice.  We stand behind our candles and the precious people, places, and things they celebrate.  We understand that purchasing a candle online is unique as you are unable to open the lid and smell the sweet fragrances for yourself, and we are happy to provide a full refund should you decide the candle you order from us may not meet your expectations.  So, go ahead, give us a try!  Find out why fans, CEOs of companies such as The Vintage Pearl and PoshTots, customers, and retail store owners have described our candles as:

“Amazing!” ~ “Beautiful experiences in fragrance and light” ~ “Yummy!”

“The best smelling candles ever!” ~ “Smells so good I could eat it!” ~ “Perfect!”

“The best candle company ever!” ~ “They smell wonderful!” ~ “They make great gifts!”

“Awesome!” ~ “Love it!” ~ “Incredible!”

See our reviews in our online store, on our Facebook page, and on our website.  We could not be more grateful for the wonderful feedback we’ve received.

Candle fans, we look forward to welcoming you to the Bay Candle Co. family!  YOU are our inspiration, and we look forward to continuing to design and deliver to you the most unique, handcrafted candles on the market.

From our family to yours, thank you!  We appreciate you spending a few minutes of your precious time checking out Bay Candle Co., and we are grateful for you.

Take care sweet friends,

~The Bay Candle Co. family

See our list of Retail Stores in Virginia and North Carolina here.  Visit our Online store here.  Stay up to date with the latest from the Bay Candle Co. family on our company Facebook page here.

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Baby Love Giveaway Winner!

Friends, thank you to everyone who entered our Baby Love Giveaway with The Vintage Pearl!  We have met some amazing new fans, customers, and friends, and we appreciate all of your support!  You all are an inspiration to us, and reading your comments about our candles and why you love them made us smile!  Our candles are uniquely designed to evoke sweet memories of people, places, and things ours customers love, and we are grateful for the wonderful feedback we’ve received from our customers, professionals in the industry, 9 retail store owners, and sweet sponsors ~

Little Fingers & Little Toes ~ CEO of PoshTots, Andrea Edmunds, writes ~ “Love it as does everyone who sees it on my desk!! Amazing!!  We will include your yummy candle!”  Our friends at PoshTots will be featuring our Little Fingers & Little Toes candle in an upcoming product line and we are so grateful!

Pumpkin Patch ~ Customer C. Rowe writes ~  “This candle reminds me of Grammie’s kitchen during the holidays and having all the family sitting around the dinner table with warm hearts, happy tummies, and big smiles on their faces.  Smells good enough to eat.  Love it love it love it!”

All Collections ~ Kate, Owner of the popular Tweed in Richmond, Virginia ~ “We do have the whole line, and they smell WONDERFUL!”

Little Fingers & Little Toes ~ Customer B. Burns writes ~ “I love it!  Within seconds of lighting the fragrance began to fill the room and it was wonderful.  I sat back and closed my eyes and could feel my baby in my arms again, snuggled up to my neck and smelling fresh from her bath.  A fragrance no mother ever forgets.  This morning there was still a very light scent lingering in the room, reminding me of pleasant memories from the night before… Its perfect!”

We absolutely love our customers, fans, retail store owners, and supporters!  It is amazing to know that our candles have created such joy and sweet memories for our customers, and we hope that a little piece of the heart and inspiration found in our Story of the Conch makes its way to each of our customers when they purchase one of our candles.

Thank you all!  This has been an amazing journey, and we love you all!

Now, to announce the winner of our wonderful giveaway with The Vintage Pearl!

All participants in our giveaway were combined and a winner was chosen at random.  Congratulations to Rachel B (barcaks), who said: My favorite is little fingers and little toes,
Who doesn’t love new baby smell?

Congrats Rachel, email us your address so we can send you your prize package!

Friends, in celebration of our awesome giveaway with our friends at The Vintage Pearl, we are offering all fans of us and The Vintage Pearl a 10% discount on all of our candles through Christmas!  Just enter the code TVP10 at the time of checkout!

Congratulations to Rachel and thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway!  Our next one will be happening in just a few days, so stay tuned!

For a little extra sweetness while you are here, make sure you check out our 365 Days of Sweetness – Photo Project!  We will be adding Day 15 today 🙂 


Thank you, sweet friends, family, fans, and customers!

Sweet friends, fans, customers, and retail partners of Bay Candle Co., thank you all so much for your incredible support since we launched Bay Candle Co.!  You all are amazing, and we are incredibly grateful and lucky to be among such wonderful people.

What an incredible journey this has been!  This all started with one design and a dream and has turned into much more than we could have ever have imagined.  We are located in 9 stores throughout Virginia and North Carolina and growing!  We have 7 candle designs (soon to be 12 in October) and 3 Collections!  We have been featured on several blogs, in Virginia Living Magazine, and have partnered with some amazing companies for some wonderful joint giveaways in October!  We have set up our Brightening the Lights of Success Scholarship Fund and look forward to awarding two recipients next year!  We’ve partnered with our AMAZING company photographer who has been an incredible supporter of our journey.  To say we are grateful is really an understatement.

One of the truly exciting and awesome experiences of our company is meeting and talking with our customers.  We LOVE our customers!  You all are the best!  We’ve had the opportunity to talk with several of you over the phone and some of those conversations turned into 20 or 30 minute conversations just getting to know each other.  LOVE that!  We are incredibly appreciative to know you all are spending your hard-earned money on a candle for yourself and your loved one, and that you believe in our company, our candles, and our mission.  Love you all!

Our other favorite part of this journey has been meeting our incredible retail partners and company photographer, Warthan Farms Photography. Our beautiful local stores are fantastic.  Their owners are amazing, hard-working, talented, beautiful people.  We would not be where we are today without the wonderful support of our retail partners, and we thank you all so much for your support and for believing in us.  Local friends and fans, we encourage you to visit our local stores when you are out and about this weekend!  They are all set up for the Fall and have beautiful items available as gifts for your home, your family, and for you!  They will greet you with huge smiles and big hearts, and you will not be disappointed.

As a huge thank you to all of our wonderful friends, family, customers, retail partners, and everyone who has believed in our company and given us a chance, we are having one of our favorite things, a SALE!  We’ve received so many amazing compliments about our candles, and they’ve evoked such sweet, special memories of people, places, and things our customers love – Fall, precious babies, Virginia, their favorite college, their home, and the list goes on.  To know that something we’ve created has brought about such sweet moments for our customers is truly the BEST part of this journey.  We want you all to be able to share in those experiences if you find a candle design in our store that you love which is why we are having a sale this weekend ~ Saturday, 9/28 through Sunday, 9/29.

To see our current candle designs, Visit our Online Store at http://www.BayCandleCo.com.  Please also check out our Story of the Conch.  My Granddaddy was an incredible man, and I never imagined what a wonderful role he would play in our journey.

Thank you, amazing fans, friends, family, customers, and retail partners!  We are wholeheartedly grateful, and we love you all!


Join us on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest, and to share in the joy of our sweet family.  We do all of this for our boys, the loves of our lives.  Thank you everyone.  We love you!

Sweet Virginia Breeze

Sunday, August 4th, was such a gorgeous day in Sweet Virginia!  The sky was an amazing shade of blue, the clouds were puffy and white, and the temperature was perfect!  Because the weather was so beautiful, and we took the boys out to enjoy the sights of Richmond.  They absolutely love trains, so we stopped by the Richmond Railroad Museum and it was a big hit!  The sweet gentlemen who worked there told us all sorts of cool facts about the history of Richmond’s stations and train lines.  The boys have already asked to go back, and we will gladly take them.  The Museum is free to visit, and you may donate if you like.  We donated $5 and because of our donation, we took home four awesome prints of old train engines that the boys will be hanging in their new room.

RVATrainMuseum RailroadMuseumSign RailroadMuseumTrainTable TrainMuseumBell RVASignTrainMuseum ChesterSignMuseum

Railroadmuseum1 Railroadmuseum2 Railroadmuseum3

After the train museum, we took a scenic route through Richmond and enjoyed the beautiful architecture.  Our two oldest boys always love looking at the city.  Whenever we pass through downtown, they point out every tall building as we go by and say “Mommy, look at that pretty city!”


Our next stop was the Science Museum of Virginia and the kids had a great time there, too!  We loved the new Robot exhibit, and I think the kids could have stayed at the bubble blowing exhibit all afternoon.  I had been to the museum a few times before, but going with my kids was amazing!  Watching them learn and discover is pretty awesome, and although they had a ton of fun, I think we had more fun watching it through their eyes.

ScienceMuseumofVA1 ScienceMuseumofVA2 ScienceMuseumofVA3 ScienceMuseumofVA4 ScienceMuseumofVA5

One of my favorite shots was in the Robot Exhibit Hall.  My oldest and I were walking together, and I noticed our shadows on the wall.  Phone in hand, I pulled up the camera app quickly and was able to capture this sweet moment:


As if Sunday was not awesome enough, we had a fantastic time celebrating our littlest man’s first birthday on Saturday!  It was a wonderful, fun celebration with our family and friends, and we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day!  The weather was AMAZING, the food was delicious, and the family time was priceless.  Happy 1st Birthday to our sweet Baby O!

DSC_6383 DSC_6328 DSC_6393 DSC_6428 DSC_6399 DSC_6382 DSC_6381 DSC_6373

This weekend reminded me of why I love living in the sweet breezes of Virginia.  I’ve always called this beautiful state home, and I am so grateful to live here.  I think there’s beauty in every state in the US, but I have a fondness for the Old Dominion.  We have the best of the best – our beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains; fun, eclectic, evolving cities; rich history; sweet country towns; beautiful lakes and rivers; lovely, sprawling farms; quaint villages and towns along the Chesapeake Bay; some of the most prestigious (and fun!) colleges and universities the country has to offer; the wonderful Bay itself; the Atlantic Ocean; and easy access to amazing cities and attractions all along the East Coast.  For travelers, our very own Richmond International Airport was just rated #2 in the country – go RIC!

It is because of my love for our great state that our Sweet Virginia Breeze candle from our Signature Collection was born.


Our Sweet Virginia Breeze candle marries some of our favorite things about Virginia…the crisp, refreshing, salty air of the Chesapeake Bay, and sweet flowering dogwood fragrances.  Our Sweet Virginia Breeze candle has been described as an “experience” and a “beautiful candle that is perfect for anyone who loves Virginia.”

When I first sat down to design our Signature Collection candles, I knew we had to create a tribute to our sweet home state, and it turned out beautifully!  We’ve received awesome feedback about Sweet Virginia Breeze from our customers, new and future retailers, and new friends who work for Virginia Tourism and Virginia Living.  To see our Sweet Virginia Breeze candle and learn more about our Signature Collection, please Visit the Candle Shop at www.sweetmelissasfragrancefactory.com.

This past weekend was full of family and friends, and was awesome!  What made it even more amazing is the fact that we live in such a beautiful state, and have a pretty incredible backdrop for all of our family events and adventures.

So, here’s to the Blue Ridge Mountains, our lovely Chesapeake Bay, and all of the beautiful land in between!  Cheers, Sweet Virginia!

Click Here to Listen to Sweet Virginia Breeze

Sweet Virginia Breeze
By: Robbin Thompson

Woke up this morning the breeze blowin’ cross my face
And I just had to look up above and thank somebody for this place
Because He must’ve been thinkin’ bout me
When he planted that very first dogwood tree
It’s where I want to be
Livin’ in the Sweet Virginia Breeze

Take me out to the country it feels mighty good out there
When I get back to the city of the monuments
It doesn’t matter where I hang my hat it’s home to me
The Blue Ridge Mountains tend to set me free
It’s where I want to be
Livin’ in the Sweet Virginia Breeze

Wakes me up in the mornin’
Rocks me to sleep at night
I’ve got a red bird singin’ on my window sill
I know everything will be all right
Livin’ in the Sweet Virginia Breeze

Just sittin on my back porch
I’m just watchin’ the sun come up
Sweet sweet Virginia Breeze blowin’ ripples ‘cross my coffee cup
Because he must’ve been thinkin’ bout me when he planted that very first dogwood tree
cause when that breeze comes blowin’ through the trees
you know everything will be alright
Livin’ in a Sweet Virginia Breeze
Sweet Virginia Breeze


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Welcome, Sweet Friends!


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We have a lot of exciting things in store for Sweet Melissa’s over the next couple of months!  We are thrilled to announce that we will be introducing two new soy scented candle Collections at the start of the Fall, our favorite time of year!  Autumn is a wonderful time to light new candles and add warmth and sweet fragrances to your home.  Stay tuned over the next month as we will also be making a BIG, exciting announcement about the future of Sweet Melissa’s!

If you are a new, sweet friend and haven’t yet had the chance to see our Signature Collection, please Visit the Candle Shop at www.sweetmelissasfragrancefactory.com.  Our Open House, Sweet Virginia Breeze, and Little Fingers and Little Toes candles are perfect for everyone on your birthday and new baby gift lists, or for your own wish list!  Open House has become a hit with some of our realtor friends as it combines clean linen, fresh flower, and warm chocolate chip cookie fragrances, a combination not yet done before!  Our Little Fingers and Little Toes candle has warmed the hearts of many moms, grandmas, and expecting mommies, and we’ve received wonderful feedback about the memories and sweet moments our Little Fingers and Little Toes candle has contributed to.  Our Sweet Virginia Breeze candle showcases all things Virginia, and reminds us of the sweet things we love about our home state – the mountains, the Chesapeake Bay, and all of the beautiful land in between.  We’ve received wonderful feedback about Sweet Virginia Breeze from several of our sweet Virginia neighbors.  Thank you to each of who has made a purchase from Sweet Melissa’s!  We sincerely appreciate your business and continue to wishing you many hours of Sweet Fragrances and Beautiful Light.

Signature Collection 2

If you have just found us, you may be wondering what makes our candles different?  Our candles combine sweet fragrances never before showcased together and emit beautiful, warm light.  They are designed to remind you of people, places, and things you love.  Sweet Melissa’s candles are made with American-made products as well as a high-quality soy wax blend hand poured in America’s heartland.  Sweet Melissa’s candles feature a unique two-wick system which is proven to provide a cleaner, brighter, and more efficient burn.  There will be no wax left in the bottom of your jar!  Our candles are guaranteed to provide many hours of sweet fragrances and beautiful light!

A purchase from Sweet Melissa’s means you support the environment and America’s hardworking soybean farmers!  It also means supporting companies who use American-made products.  In addition, we donate $.05 of each Signature Collection candle purchase to each of four non-profit organizations each quarter.  Our non-profit organizations are chosen by our sweet fans each quarter, as we want to donate to organizations important to YOU.  You can learn more about our Community Involvement Program here.

Thank you all for taking the time to visit Sweet Melissa’s Fragrance Factory, home of Sweet Fragrances and Beautiful Light!  We are America’s Sweetest Scented Candle Brand, and you all are friends to us!  Take care sweet friends!


If you are a retail store owner interested in adding our candles to your store’s inventory, please contact us today at melissa@sweetmelissasfragrancefactory.com.  We are advertising in several online and print mediums and will advertise your store for free!  We are excited to announce that we will be featured in Virginia Living Magazine in September and would love to promote your store!

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Sweet Sponsor Spotlight – Salon Yorya

Friends, welcome to Sweet Sponsor Spotlight!

What is our Sweet Sponsor Spotlight?  If I had to pinpoint one of the most important things I’ve learned in my ten years as a marketing professional, it would have to be the power of word of mouth advertising.  It is incredibly valuable and meaningful, and the foundation that small business owners are built upon.

I believe in supporting fellow business owners who are doing great things.  I believe in the power of reciprocal advertising and all of its benefits.  Small businesses are the heartbeat of America.  I have known many small business owners during my life, and they are some of the most down-to-earth and hardest working individuals I have ever known.

Throughout the week, Sweet Melissa’s is honored to showcase organizations we believe in and who have taken the time to support us, and we ask that our sweet friends show our wonderful sponsors some love!


Friends, please take a few moments to visit our sweet friends at Salon Yorya.


Salon Yorya opened its doors in December 2006 and has become one of the premier salons serving Central Virginia.  We have had the pleasure of watching Salon Yorya’s owner, Georgene, grow her idea into a beautiful salon that offers a fantastic array of services.  From color, cut, and style, to pedicures and manicures, Salon Yorya offers services for all members of your family.

Salon Yorya’s atmosphere is beautiful, inviting, and relaxing.  I personally have been visiting Georgene at the Salon since it opened in 2006 and aside from being at home with my kids, it is my second favorite place to be.  I absolutely love the feeling I have when I walk into the salon.  I immediately begin to feel relaxed, refreshed, pampered, and happy, all at the same time!  Georgene and her talented staff have a passion for creating a wonderful atmosphere of relaxation, yet one that is inviting and makes you feel at home all at the same time.  In addition to catching up with Georgene and her staff, I absolutely LOVE having my hair washed after it is highlighted.  Georgene and her staff go the extra mile by providing relaxing head massages and deep conditioning treatments while shampooing your hair, and they are delightful.  Best.shampoo.ever!

Georgene has assembled a talented team of stylists who make your beauty their passion.  She and her staff are highly qualified and trained on all of the latest styling and color techniques.  Over the past seven years, I have received countless (and I mean countless!) compliments about my hair color and style and I owe it all to Georgene and Salon Yorya.

Ladies, I know you all know the feeling you have when you find a stylist who you can’t live without.  That is how I feel about Georgene and her entire staff at Salon Yorya.  They have become members of my family and have been with me through my wedding, pregnancies, career changes, and everything in between.  I have been highlighting my hair since I was sixteen, and had visited many salons before finding Georgene.  I had been to chain salons, expensive salons, you name it…  I have never and imagine I will never find a place like Salon Yorya.  I am pretty certain that even if I moved to the other side of Virginia, I would still drive several hours to visit Salon Yorya every eight weeks.

If you are in Central Virginia and looking for a new salon and a talented, friendly group of stylists who make your beauty their passion, I encourage you to visit my good friends at Salon Yorya.  You will realize your hair, nails, and body are in good hands the moment you walk through the door, and I guarantee that you will not regret your decision to try them out.

Contact them today at 804-796-5858 and speak with a guest coordinator to schedule your next appointment to be pampered.  Your hair, mind, body, and soul will thank you!

Please also visit them on Facebook today to stay up-to-date with the latest news from the Salon!


“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”

~Maya Angelou


**Business Owners, if you are interested in learning more about how to be featured in our free Sweet Sponsor Spotlight as well as on our Sweet Sponsors page on our site, please contact us at melissa@sweetmelissasfragrancefactory.com.

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**Retail Store Owners, we are working with retail shops to begin carrying our candles, and would love to speak with you about a partnership.  We advertise the names of our wonderful distributors for free!  We are currently advertising on several popular blogs and will be featured in Virginia Living Magazine’s upcoming Fall issue.  Contact us if you are interested in learning more:  melissa@sweetmelissasfragrancefactory.com.