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Welcome to all of our new fans!  We are so glad you are here!  Did you know you have already earned coupons just for liking our Facebook page?  If you share our Facebook page, we’ll sweeten our coupon and double it!  Contact us via a message on Facebook or through our Contact Us page and we’ll respond with your coupon codes!

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We have a lot of exciting things in store for Sweet Melissa’s over the next couple of months!  We are thrilled to announce that we will be introducing two new soy scented candle Collections at the start of the Fall, our favorite time of year!  Autumn is a wonderful time to light new candles and add warmth and sweet fragrances to your home.  Stay tuned over the next month as we will also be making a BIG, exciting announcement about the future of Sweet Melissa’s!

If you are a new, sweet friend and haven’t yet had the chance to see our Signature Collection, please Visit the Candle Shop at www.sweetmelissasfragrancefactory.com.  Our Open House, Sweet Virginia Breeze, and Little Fingers and Little Toes candles are perfect for everyone on your birthday and new baby gift lists, or for your own wish list!  Open House has become a hit with some of our realtor friends as it combines clean linen, fresh flower, and warm chocolate chip cookie fragrances, a combination not yet done before!  Our Little Fingers and Little Toes candle has warmed the hearts of many moms, grandmas, and expecting mommies, and we’ve received wonderful feedback about the memories and sweet moments our Little Fingers and Little Toes candle has contributed to.  Our Sweet Virginia Breeze candle showcases all things Virginia, and reminds us of the sweet things we love about our home state – the mountains, the Chesapeake Bay, and all of the beautiful land in between.  We’ve received wonderful feedback about Sweet Virginia Breeze from several of our sweet Virginia neighbors.  Thank you to each of who has made a purchase from Sweet Melissa’s!  We sincerely appreciate your business and continue to wishing you many hours of Sweet Fragrances and Beautiful Light.

Signature Collection 2

If you have just found us, you may be wondering what makes our candles different?  Our candles combine sweet fragrances never before showcased together and emit beautiful, warm light.  They are designed to remind you of people, places, and things you love.  Sweet Melissa’s candles are made with American-made products as well as a high-quality soy wax blend hand poured in America’s heartland.  Sweet Melissa’s candles feature a unique two-wick system which is proven to provide a cleaner, brighter, and more efficient burn.  There will be no wax left in the bottom of your jar!  Our candles are guaranteed to provide many hours of sweet fragrances and beautiful light!

A purchase from Sweet Melissa’s means you support the environment and America’s hardworking soybean farmers!  It also means supporting companies who use American-made products.  In addition, we donate $.05 of each Signature Collection candle purchase to each of four non-profit organizations each quarter.  Our non-profit organizations are chosen by our sweet fans each quarter, as we want to donate to organizations important to YOU.  You can learn more about our Community Involvement Program here.

Thank you all for taking the time to visit Sweet Melissa’s Fragrance Factory, home of Sweet Fragrances and Beautiful Light!  We are America’s Sweetest Scented Candle Brand, and you all are friends to us!  Take care sweet friends!


If you are a retail store owner interested in adding our candles to your store’s inventory, please contact us today at melissa@sweetmelissasfragrancefactory.com.  We are advertising in several online and print mediums and will advertise your store for free!  We are excited to announce that we will be featured in Virginia Living Magazine in September and would love to promote your store!

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