Make A Difference Monday

Hi Friends!  I can’t believe we’ve made it to Monday already.  Seems like we were just enjoying Friday night with our sweet boys.  We’ve had a productive weekend getting our house packed up and ready for our big move. We move into a rental property this weekend and yes, I’m still in denial.  I told my husband that I will probably be sad for a few weeks and that I’m going to have to avoid driving by here for a little while until it has really sunk in that I no longer own this home.  For now though, I’ll just enjoy the last week we have here and count my blessings that we were able to find another family that loves our house as much as we do.

Ok, enough sap for a while, right?!  If you have been following our journey for the past few weeks, you’ll notice we’ve had many firsts – a new blog, new sponsors, new programs, new, well, everything.  And today is no different…  Without further adieu, I welcome you to…

Make A Difference Monday

Community Service has always been important to me. I participated in a coed service fraternity during my undergraduate career and found a love for helping others.  I’ve always believed in giving back and I think giving can come in the form of time, money, support…you name it.  When we decided to embark on this crazy new adventure, I knew that a community involvement program would be a huge part of the business.  As our Community Involvement Program evolved, I also knew I wanted friends of Sweet Melissa’s to shape its direction.  I believe community service only works if the people participating in it truly believe in the organizations they are supporting, and that is why friends of Sweet Melissa’s will choose the organizations we support each quarter.  Starting now, we are accepting submissions for our 4th Quarter Community Involvement Program.  You, our sweet friends, will tell us who to support starting October 1 of this year!  YOU will MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  Prior to the start of a new quarter, we will be reaching out to our sweet friends and asking you to submit the names of organizations you love.  We only ask that the organizations are non-profit and make a difference in the lives of children, adults, or animals.  We will donate $.05 of each Signature Collection candle purchase to each one of four organizations every quarter of the year.

Our hope is that we can help make a small difference in the lives of others.  Should you decide to make a purchase from Sweet Melissa’s, we want you to walk away feeling good about it.  You should already feel good knowing that our candles are made in America and are made with natural soy wax and other renewable and recyclable resources, but we also want you to feel good knowing that your purchase is helping four different organizations transform lives.

To submit the name of your favorite organization, please comment on our Facebook page today.  We are accepting submissions now for our 4th Quarter program.  Toward the end of June, we will set up a poll on Facebook and allow our fans to vote for their favorite organizations.  Don’t worry, even if yours does not get picked for the next quarter, it will remain in the running for each quarter thereafter.  We’d love to support everyone’s favorite organizations!

To read more about our Community Involvement Program and check out the organizations we are supporting this summer, please visit our Community Sweetness page.

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