Hi sweet friends!  Wow, what a week we’ve had at Sweet Melissa’s!  If you need to take a few moments to get caught up, check out Wait a Minute Wednesday!  Here we are just a day or so later, and the excitement continues!  Tonight, we reached a milestone on our Facebook page – 100 Likes!  We are humbled and thrilled, and are truly grateful of your support.  Opening Facebook and seeing 100 was an awesome feeling!

We have made many new friends over the past few weeks, and have had the opportunity to reconnect with some sweet friends who we haven’t seen in years and didn’t realize how much we missed.  Along this journey over the past four weeks, we’ve also met some new friends who we are discussing partnership opportunities with for the future.  We never imagined we’d have such wonderful support this early on. What an amazing adventure, and it’s only just begun!

Today, Thursday, June 6th was a pretty incredible day.  We received a fantastic shipment in the mail with some of our new designs, all nice and pretty and ready to add sweet fragrances and beautiful light to our home.  We continued working on new partnership opportunities for Sweet Melissa’s and made contact with organizations interested in promoting our brand, and we reached 100 Likes on our Facebook page!  I didn’t think it could get much better than that…but it did!

Today (June 6th), our family celebrated the arrival of our sweet niece.  She was born at 9:37am this morning and is the sweetest, most precious little baby!  Our sweet little loves are mesmerized by her and my oldest son asked if he could spend the night in the hospital so he could spend more time with the baby.  They love their cousins, and she is of course, no exception.  I am incredibly blessed to have a married a man with a wonderful family.  The birth of this sweet little girl reminds me of how special family truly is.

Today (June 6th), I also quietly celebrated my late Grandfather who would have been 81 years old today.  My Granddaddy, or “Cracky” as my little brother lovingly used to call him, was the sweetest, hardest-working, kindest man I knew, and he would do absolutely anything for my brother and I.  He taught me how to fish, play cards, drive, grow a garden, search for seashells on the beach, and enjoy the small things in life.  I owe my love of family photographs to him.  I have vivid memories of him taking picture after picture of my brother and I growing up.  He loved getting his rolls of film developed and bringing back envelopes of photographs to show us.  He proudly carried around photos of his children and his grandchildren until the day he passed away.   I could write about his incredible generosity, support, and his love for his family and the Lord for hours.  He was an amazing man, and I am so lucky to be his granddaughter.  My best childhood memories have him in it, and I love him dearly.  He would have been smitten with my boys, and I’m sad for them that they will never get to meet him here on this Earth.  I will do my best to honor him and to make sure they knew about the incredible man he was.  We named our second son after him, and I fondly and proudly think of my Granddaddy whenever I call my second son by his name.  Happy Birthday Grandaddy!  I was able to witness the circle of life today with the birth of my sweet little niece.  She shares a birthday with an amazing soul.

Thank you friends for your love and support.  xoxo


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