Wait a Minute Wednesday!

Hi Friends!  A lot is happening at Sweet Melissa’s, especially this week!  Since Sunday, we have been introducing our friends to several new programs, dropped a new hint for our Signature Collection Contest, and have shared a few pretty awesome pictures of our kiddos!  We know a lot is happening over on our Facebook page, so are taking this time to say say “Wait a minute!  Let’s get caught up!”

On Sunday, we introduced you to Sweet Sponsors Sundays!  Each Sunday, Sweet Melissa’s will be showcasing members of our Sweet Sponsor Program!  We have three wonderful sponsors so far and are grateful for their support!  These organizations are fantastic at what they do!  You can show them some love and learn more about our Sweet Sponsor Program here.  We’ve received a few more inquiries about the program this week and are looking forward to showcasing more Sweet Sponsors over the next couple of weeks.  If you are interested in showcasing your organization, please contact us here.

On Monday, we introduced you to Make A Difference Mondays!  Each Monday, we will be spotlighting our Community Involvement Program!  To learn more about how YOU can MAKE A DIFFERENCE and help shape our Community Involvement Program, click here.  To submit your vote for the organization you love, simply comment on our Facebook page.

On Tuesday, we introduced you to Take A Guess Tuesday!  This week, Take A Guess Tuesday was about our Signature Collection Contest!  We celebrate Tuesdays here at Sweet Melissa’s because that means Monday is over, so Tuesdays will be all about having fun, winning something cool, or laughing at fun pictures of our kids!  This week, we dropped a new hint for our Signature Collection Contest and boy have we received some great guesses!  Here is a recap of the hints you’ve received so far:

Candle 1 = warm, brown, clean, petals, red
Candle 2 = blue, soft, phalanges, ten, black & white
Candle 3 = salt, sweet, white, blue, April

To submit your guesses, please comment on our Facebook page or visit our Contact Us page and submit your guess.

Periodically throughout the week, we will share fun photos of our loves, our sweet boys!  We will also continue updating our blog with posts about our new business adventures and our family life!  We adore our family and are grateful for the opportunity to share them with the world!  To watch our three sweet boys grow before your eyes, visit our 365 Days of Sweetness Photo Project often!

Since we have so much going on here at Sweet Melissa’s, we are going to start noting our Facebook posts with the program, activity, contest, you name it, they are for!  For example, on Sweet Sponsor Sundays posts will start with {Sweet Sponsors} and Community Involvement Program posts will start with {Make A Difference}.  Are you confused yet?  Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it!

Lastly, we want to take this opportunity to say how much we sincerely appreciate and value everyone’s support!  Our soft launch started just a little over a month ago, and we already have 95 wonderful friends on Facebook, 273 friends on Twitter, and over 2000 new visitors to our website each week!  Wow!  We never imagined we’d receive this type of love in the beginning and we are humbled.  Thank you!

We are thrilled to be able to offer amazing soy scented candles starting June 29th!  We are so excited for our launch and can’t wait for our friends to take a look at our new collection!  Our first three candles are amazing and we have two more collections in design, each with very unique, beautiful candles.  When we started Sweet Melissa’s, our goal was to create high quality, beautiful, Earth-friendly scented candles that remind our friends of things, people, or places they love!  We believe we’ve achieved that with our first three Signature Collection candles, and we hope you all will love them!  Stay tuned!  Exciting things are on the way for Sweet Melissa’s, and we’ll be launching all three of our collections over the next six months!

We sincerely thank you for checking us out, reading our posts, and for sharing us with your friends and family!  Each time you all comment, post, like, and share, it is like unwrapping a present, and it means the world.  Thank you!



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