Home sweet home.

Hi sweet friends!  I am getting so anxious and excited for our June launch!  We are mixing, testing, smelling, and designing like crazy and our Signature Collection Candles are going to be exquisite.  I am in love with them and sure hope the rest of the world will be too.  This is such an exciting time, yet is also a time full of anxiety and a bit of stress.  Not only have we launched Sweet Melissa’s, but we have also made the decision to sell our house and build a new one.

We thankfully accepted a contract on our house after being on the market just three and a half months, and if all goes well, we hand over the keys to the new owners on June 14th.  I can’t say I’m excited to leave my house.  We were first-time home buyers eight years ago and we are selling to first-time home buyers.  We have experienced so much in this house…decorating and re-decorating just about every room (sorry about changing my mind so much sweetie), planning our wedding, career changes, love, arguments, the passing of our sweet dog Kaya, the birth of our three precious boys, Christmas parties, birthday parties, family dinners and gatherings, watching our two oldest sons take their first steps in the family room…

I have so many memories here that I will carry with me forever. I remember anxiously awaiting the arrival of our first son.  Being Type-A, I had my husband paint the nursery immediately upon finding out I was pregnant.  I chose a neutral green because I couldn’t even wait to determine the gender of the baby.  Before he was born, I remember sitting in that nursery looking around and being so thankful that I had been given the opportunity to carry a sweet baby.  I remember sitting in it happily looking forward to rocking my sweet boy to sleep, giving him baths in his little blue whale tub, and playing with him in the floor in front of his crib. Looking back to those moments, I cannot believe how much my life has changed.  Three and a half years later, our family has grown from two to five, we have experienced major career changes, additions and losses of sweet family members, and everything in between.  We are completely different people than we were when we bought our house eight years ago.  Just about everything in our lives has changed.  But, one thing has remained constant.  One thing has provided us shelter from the storms of life (and literally from thunderstorms), has provided us a place of comfort during difficult times, and a place of celebration during happy times – our home.


I am having a hard time accepting that I only have three more weeks to live here.  I am finding myself second-guessing our decision to sell our home.  I am hoping the new owners will take as good of care of it as we have.  I hope they create new memories and keep these walls alive with happiness and love.  I feel like I am saying goodbye to an old friend.  My home has stood by me, silently and strong, while the rest of my life has changed around me.  If these walls could talk, they would tell me to stop stressing out so much, to not worry about keeping them clean and to enjoy life, and to stop being sad about moving on.

We are staying in our town, so chances are I will be driving by this house a lot.  I am always going to think of it as my home.  Yes, I am going to be nosy and drive by and see how the new owners are taking care of it.  Will they water the peony my Mom bought for me and watch it come to life every year with beautiful blooms?  Will they let the birds nest in the plants on the front porch and enjoy nature’s beauty and the sounds of baby birds being born?  Will they sit by the fireplace in the winter and enjoy time together with each other in the family room?  Will they decorate the yard for Christmas and stand out in the street in the freezing cold admiring their handiwork?  Will they invite family and friends over and celebrate birthdays and holidays with love and fellowship?  Will they appreciate all of the love and time we spent over the past eight years putting our mark on this place, our home?

I had no idea I would be so emotional when the time came to leave our home.  I should be excited.  So many homes stay on the market for so long without even a look. Although I am sad, I am also grateful.  We set out to sell our home and build one that better suits our growing family, and we’re halfway to accomplishing that goal.  We are lucky and blessed to be able to do this.  However, my home is a part of me.  It will always be.

To my home, thank you for the past eight years.  You have been a place of comfort, happiness, joy, and even sadness at times.  You have been here silently taking care of us, and I sincerely thank you.  You will always be my home sweet home.


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4 thoughts on “Home sweet home.

  1. I don’t know how you are going to do it! I am a little teary for you thinking if all the memories. Good luck with the move and everything else.

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